Business Law


Both new business ventures and existing business operations can benefit greatly from sound legal advice. Starting a business involves considering what type of business entity to organize. Each possible choice has potentially far-reaching consequences including tax implications, liability, and governance issues. Your choice of a business entity, as well as how the organizing documents are drafted, can significantly affect your profitability and exposure to liability.          

Business Contract and Agreement

At the heart of any business relationship lies an agreement between two or more parties. A properly drafted agreement can help avoid liability and costly litigation. It is also vital that you have an attorney review any agreement that you are considering entering into so that you fully understand the terms and potential exposure. There are a number of different agreements that a business may need drafted or reviewed.


If you are considering doing or have been doing business with another company and are confident in that professional relationship, there is always the chance of a misunderstanding that could lead to a halting of commerce. That is why it is important to protect your business interests through legally enforceable documentation.

We will create the proper documentation needed to ensure all parties adhere to their obligations to the business transaction.