Business Contract and Agreement

Contracts and Agreements for Florida Businesses – FL Business Contract Attorney

Business Contract Attorney John McGlynn will draft your contract for your specific business needs, and you can be sure that your contract will protect you, fit your business and comply with Florida law.

John works in a timely and cost efficient manner, and will personally work with you to write your contract.

Contracts to Protect 
Confidential Information 

Confidentiality Agreement

Non-Circumvention Contract

Non-Competition Agreement

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Non-Solicitation Agreement

Trade Secrets Contract

Shareholder Agreement

Operating Agreement

General Business 

Contractor & Subcontractor Agreements

Consulting Agreement

Distributor Agreement

Technology Transfer Contract

Terms & Conditions of Sale

Website Development Contract

Employment Contract

Independent Contractor Agreement

Equipment Leasing Contract

Franchise Agreement

Licensing Agreement

Marketing Agreement

Advertising Agreement

Original Equipment Manufacturing Agreement – OEM 

Manufacturing & Product Distribution 


Product Development Contract

Contracts for Financing Your Business 

Escrow Agreement

Financing Statements – UCC-1

Guaranty Agreement

Indemnity Agreement

Powers of Attorney

Promissory Note – Secured

Promissory Note – Unsecured

Negotiable Promissory Note

Non-Negotiable Promissory Note

Security Agreement